The Destination

Koh Samui

Koh Samui International Airport

The main point of entry to the island by plane is via the Koh Samui International Airport (USM). Dubbed as one of the most beautiful airports in the world due to its gorgeous tropical design, Samui airport undoubtedly exudes a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that sets every visitor into a holiday mood. It is owned and operated by Bangkok Airways – the main operator of the most flights. Malaysian Airlines and SilkAir by Singapore Airlines also offer direct flights to the idyllic island of Koh Samui. The airport is closest to popular areas such as Chaweng, Choeng Mon and Bophut.


Koh Samui is more than a beach holiday destination. It offers plenty of attractions from intricately-designed temples to action-packed shows like Muay Thai boxing. If you appreciate culture and history, ensure you include in your travel itinerary the most famous landmark on the island, Wat Phra Yai where the Big Buddha is and Wat Khunaram where the mummified monk rest still.

Another must-see landmark is the Hin Ta and Hin Yai or famously known as the Grandmother & Grandfather rock. They are often called as the rudest rocks as they resemble the female and male’s reproductive organs hence many people consider them to be fertility symbols that can increase a woman’s chance to conceive. The best thing about these rocks is that they are amongst the big rock formations that surround Lamai Beach pristine coastline.

If you are travelling with children, the Samui Tiger Zoo & Aquarium, Crocodile & Monkey Show and Butterfly Garden are most ideal for sight-seeing.


For the nature lovers, drive up to the breathtaking Yaod Khao where you can see the spectacular views that surround the island. This viewpoint is 650 meters above sea level which can only be reached by all terrain 4×4-drive. From here, you can enjoy the beauty of Koh Samui from North & South and the nearby islands of Koh Panghan and Angthong Marine National Park.

If you fancy trekking and a little adventure ride with the elephants, visit Na Muang Waterfalls and Hin Lad Waterfall.


Koh Samui is known for its white sands and turquoise waters with long stretches of beautiful coastlines. Whether you prefer a private and secluded spot or a lively beach with massages and restaurants, the island have some great options for you. Chaweng Beach is the most popular as it is right on the business district and shopping stalls abound. Quieter ones would be Lamai Beach with amazing rock formations. And Maenam Beach is increasingly becoming popular not only for tourists but also for the locals.

Water Sports & Activities

For the more adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Jetlev is a must. An experience like no other, soar up to the air and fly over the blue waters of Koh Samui on Jet Lev R250 personal water-powered jetpack.

Another exciting water sport available on the island is Kiteboarding using only the latest equipments and is fully insured as well as certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).
The less adventurous need not to worry as there is Jetski, Kayaks, Fishing, Sailing, Diving and Snorkeling around the Samui and in the nearby islands of Koh Tao.

Health & Wellness

Koh Samui is fast-becoming the health sanctuary for many tourists who seek relaxation with a focus on health and wellness. In addition to the traditional Thai massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga and acupuncture; health programs that include colonic cleansing, weight loss, fasting and detoxification are being included in the travel to-do-list.
Fully equipped Spa facilities offering body wraps, body scrubs, face and foot-packs are also readily available.


Undoubtedly, Chaweng is the most vibrant amongst all the districts on on Koh Samui. Start the night with a cocktail or two and Sisha at Solo Bar – probably the coolest bar on the island and it’s where the Bongo Man resides. Then head to Arkbar for the lively beach party and get entertained with fire shows.
Lastly, party the night away in Soi Green Mango where all the various night clubs are located.


Walking Streets or night markets are very common in Thailand as it is where you can find the best bargains. And Koh Samui got it all covered almost the entire week with the following schedules: Sunday-Lamai, Wednesday-Choeng Mon, Thursday-Mae Nam and Friday-Bophut/Fisherman’s Village.
Clothes, shoes and accessories shops also lined the long streets of Chaweng and the opening of Central Festival Koh Samui makes the area a haven for shoppers.

Beach Clubs

How do you like spending your day in a luxurious beach setting enjoying a bottle of champagne and wide selection of sumptuous buffet while a live DJ spins some hip music on the background? Nikki Beach Koh Samui and Beach Republic are just the perfect places for you. These two need no further introductions; just make sure you include Sunday brunch to one of these beach clubs in your Koh Samui itinerary.